AT LESSONS: Lessons are 55 minutes in length. Be ready to be focused, alert, and attentive at your lesson. Do not eat immediately before your lesson, particularly dairy, chocolate or coffee, but do bring a bottle of water. Also, if you are working on a specific song, make sure you bring music for yourself, but also a photocopy for me. You may also send it electronically. You must have a binder with your copies of your music organized or an ipad with copies of sheet music that you can take notes on. Practice tracks will also be given at a student’s first lesson. Please organize your tracks, so you can find them easily to practice.

AT HOME: Practice every day or every-other-day for 30-60 minutes. This practice is essential if you want to make any real progress. You will also occasionally be given specific homework assignments (such as character analyses) that will be due at your next lesson. You will also learn the fundamentals of reading and understanding music. All students receive a monthly newsletter with tips, as well as upcoming auditions. Adolescent students will also be given the opportunity to sing at Master Class performances.

LATE POLICY: Unfortunately, because of how tight my schedule is, if you arrive late to a lesson, I can only teach you for the remainder of that lesson time, but I will have to charge you for the full lesson. Please come up to the studio at your assigned time.

MISSING LESSONS: Missing a lesson is acceptable; however, I must be informed no later than exactly 24 hours before your lesson (not 22 or 23). However, more notice is better than less. If you cancel and do not give me the 24-hour notice, you will, unfortunately, be charged for the lesson. I would appreciate no debate around this. Regarding missing lessons due to other rehearsals: You are only excused from lessons for the week of tech week. Other than that, you must list your voice lessons as a conflict at the time of auditions. You must notify the director that you have a standing conflict and cannot be excused from it.

PAYMENT: Full payment at the first lesson of the month is required for the month to follow. If I do not receive payment within by the 5th of each month, there will be a $10 late fee for every week thereafter.



STUDIO SPACE: Lessons are in the studio above the garage of our home. To enter, go through our side gate (labeled Studio), head into the backyard, and then go up the stairs.

55 MINUTE LESSONS: In order to disinfect after one student and set up for the next one, all lessons are exactly 55 MINUTES in length.

EXACT TIMING: Students must wait until their EXACT time to come up to the studio. Students will be dismissed exactly 55 minutes after their lesson time has begun. There is no waiting area. If you are early, please wait in your car. Parents should be on time to pick up their student, as adolescent students will be sent down precisely on time. No exceptions.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES: Any student wishing to come into lessons in-person will need to purchase a singer’s mask. Here is a link: This is the ONLY mask that is allowed. Regular masks do not work for singing, as they pop into an unsafe position as soon as you open your jaw (and muffle the sound pretty badly). If you come in with a regular mask, you will not be allowed to sing. Please wear your mask from the moment you get out of the car to the moment you get back in.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: MY RESPONSIBILITIES: Please use the hand sanitizer set out on the deck. You will be checked at the door for a temperature. An industry-grade HEPA air purifier system will be run during lessons. For additional ventilation, we will use a combination of air treatment (A/C, purifier, windows, and doors) to keep fresh air moving in the studio at all times. Bring a jacket – windows will be open!

BRING YOUR OWN STUFF: Bring your own water bottles, pencils, and erasers. These personal items will go on a tray in the studio that can be disinfected.

NO SNIFFLES: If you have any indication of a fever or congestion that day or any day in the prior two weeks — even if you think it is just allergies — stay home and have an ONLINE LESSON.

ONLY ONE PERSON AT A TIME: Only ONE person is allowed in the studio at a time. Parents cannot sit in on lessons. Students are welcome to FaceTime or Zoom in their parents virtually if parents wish to observe.



ZOOM: My Zoom link is always In Meeting Settings, prior to starting the video conference, set Preserve Original Sound to ON. This is better for singing and instruments. Another way of getting the best sound is to go into Zoom, then into Audio Settings, then into Advanced Audio Settings, and then take off all noise suppression and echo cancellation. (This may only be an option if you have a paid Zoom account).

DEVICES: You’ll need two devices – one like a phone/ipad or a computer camera to see me on Zoom, and another phone/ipad/computer to access the google files (discussed below) and to play the background tracks (in your room). The speaker of the tracks (whether it is a phone or an external speaker) should be closer to you than to the device I am on. It allows me to hear you better.

CAMERA DETAILS: The camera should be eye-level to you. You’ll be standing for your lesson. Stand back so I can at least see to your elbows. Please do not use virtual backgrounds. They can cut in and out, as well as hide your face.

ORGANIZATION: Please check out our Google Student Access folder. It has lots of information, as well as the handouts and warm-up files that we will be using for our lesson. Please have this Google Folder open on your device and available for your use at our first lesson.

ONLINE MATERIALS YOU’LL NEED TO ACCESS: Please check out our Google Student Access folder. It has lots of information, as well as the handouts and warm-up files that we will be using for our lesson. Please have this Google Folder open on your device and available for your use at our first lesson.

The link for the Student Access folder is
Please call me directly if you have any difficulties at 650-533-9226.