Business Policy Information

Studying Voice

The voice is a beautiful and powerful expression of the human soul. The study of it requires
dedication, discipline, and enjoyment. Therefore, you will be required to practice as much as possible
(but not more than 1 hour a day) outside of your private lessons with me. This practice is ESSENTIAL
if you want to make any real progress. You will also occasionally be given specific homework
assignments (such as character analyses) that will be due at your next lesson. You will also learn the
fundamentals of reading and understanding music. Additionally, you will receive written evaluations
of your progress after each semester of work. As an adolescent student, you will also be given the
opportunity to sing at Master Class performances during the year, and in the summer concert.

At Your Lessons

Be ready to be focused, alert, and attentive at your lesson. Do not eat immediately before your lesson,
particularly dairy, chocolate or coffee, but do bring a bottle of water. Also, if you are working on a
specific song, make sure you bring music for yourself, but also a photocopy. Also, you must have a
binder with your copies of your music organized. A Warm-Up CD will also be given at a student’s first
lesson. Please upload this on your ipod/phone.

Late Policy

Unfortunately, because of how tight my schedule is, if you arrive late to a lesson, I can only teach you
for the remainder of that lesson time, but I will have to charge you for the full lesson.

Missing Lessons

Missing a lesson is acceptable; however, I must be informed no later than exactly 24 hours before your
lesson (not 22 or 23). However, more notice is better than less. If you cancel and do give me the 24-
hour notice, we will schedule a make-up time for you. If you cancel and do not give me the 24-hour
notice, you will, unfortunately, be charged for the lesson. I would appreciate no debate around this.
You should not miss your lesson unless it is absolutely avoidable.

Regarding missing lessons due to other rehearsals: You are only excused from lessons for the week
of tech week. Other than that, you must list your voice lessons as a conflict at the time of auditions.
You must notify the director that you have a standing conflict and cannot be excused from it.

Payment Method

Full payment at the first lesson of the month is required for the month to follow. If I do not receive
payment within by the 15th of each month, there will be a $10 late fee for every week thereafter.

In Closing

I am enormously glad that you are part of my studio! If you ever have any questions, need references,
want to know about upcoming shows or workshops, please do not hesitate to ask me or contact me. I
always have listings of auditions in the Studio, and you will also receive a list of these via email every
month. I look forward to our time together!