teach2The Latimerlo Studio offers vocal technique and musical interpretation instruction. Lessons are one hour in length and are offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Students learn proper physical vocal technique. This includes lessons in posture, breathing, focus, resonance, and diaphragmatic support. Our approach combines the highly-regarded bel canto technique (originating in early 18th century Italy) with the contemporary “singing as an extension of speech” approaches that have transformed both the musical theatre and pop world over the past 50 years.

Musical Theatre students also learn song interpretation, including the creation of characters and the use of Stanislavski-based acting techniques. All students analyze their songs and learn performance techniques designed to effectively and powerfully communicate meaning and emotion.

Additionally, students learn the fundamentals of music theory, such as reading important symbols on sheet music and lead sheets.

Full audition preparation is a highlight of our instruction. Students practice physical technique, character analysis, singing with accompaniment, how to move on stage during an audition, as well as the tidbits of what to wear and how to present yourself. As Gina has a theatre degree as well as music degrees, many students spend lessons preparing monologues for auditions or working through scripts for role preparation.

Adolescent students get the chance to perform at our studio’s Master Classes. These teaching-focused recitals are offered twice each year. We also publish a Newsette each month for our students. There are tips for singing, audition and open mic listings, and links to informative articles and sites.